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Linx Build is a full serviced construction project management company specialized in Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s). We apply production building strategy to ADU development to minimize cost and expedite plan processing and construction. Our team includes; a financial analyst,  licensed real estate professional, general contractor, licensed architect and a team of structural engineers. Linx Build guarantees to deliver services faster and more affordable than our competitors.


Feasibility Analysis

Zoning research and project feasibility analysis.  Code and permit verification. Determining total buildable area. Financial feasibility research and project financial pro-forma modeling. 


Preliminary landplan and design selection. Client revisions and modifications. Full building plan design and coordination with surveyors, structural, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers. 

Plan Processing

Plan processing with local building and safety agencies. Coordinating plan check meetings. Plan revisions per plan check comments and finalizing construction documents. 

Building Permits

Obtaining building permit clearances. Pulling building permits.

"Do not be satisfied with average performance. Strive for excellence. If you cannot give your customer a better value and a better product, do not sell the product."​

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